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At Bark Avenue, we are committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for your beloved pups during their stay with us. We take great pride in offering the best facilities and care for your furry family members. However, it's essential for both parties to understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Health and Vaccination: All dogs must be in good health and have up-to-date vaccinations. While BarkAvenue take precautions to ensure a healthy environment, BarkAvenue is not responsible for any illness or injury that may occur during your dog's stay. Female pets must not be in heat cycle. If they are , please disclose while making reservation for the boarding.

  2.  Behavior: BarkAvenue strives to create a harmonious atmosphere for all dogs. In rare instances of aggressive behavior, BarkAvenue reserve the right to separate and isolate dogs if necessary. BarkAvenue cannot be held liable for any injuries or damages that may result from interactions between dogs.

  3. Supervision: BarkAvenue's dedicated staff members closely monitor and care for your dogs. However, they cannot guarantee constant supervision, and accidents can happen. BarkAvenue is not responsible for any injuries or damages that occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

  4. Personal Items: BarkAvenue recommend leaving personal items at home as we cannot guarantee their safety. While we take every precaution to protect belongings, BarkAvenue is not liable for any loss or damage to personal items brought with the dogs.

  5. Emergency Care: In the event of illness or injury, BarkAvenue will make every effort to contact you. If BarkAvenue staff is unable to reach you, they reserve the right to seek immediate veterinary care for your dog. All associated costs will be the responsibility of the dog owner.

  6. Tick Prevention Requirement: All dogs admitted to BarkAvenue Inc. must have received tick prevention medication prior to their stay. It is the responsibility of the pet parent to ensure their pet is protected against ticks. In the event that a pet has not received tick prevention treatment, the pet parent must promptly inform our staff and request tick prevention medication to be administered to their dog. The cost of this medication will be borne by the dog owner.  
    Bark Avenue Inc. shall not be held liable for any tick-related issues, including but not limited to tick bites, infestations, or diseases, if the pet parent fails to comply with the tick prevention requirement as outlined in these terms and conditions. We strongly recommend consulting with a veterinarian for guidance on tick prevention and the most suitable medications for your dog.

  7. Photography Release: Photographs or other graphic, sound, or other image, likeness, recording, etc., may be made of my dog(s) by BarkAvenue and that such may be used for any purpose without compensation, and you agree to release to BarkAvenue all rights that you may possess or claim to such image, likeness, recording, etc.

  8. Pet Health Issues While at BarkAvenue Inc: If health or behavioral problems develop with your dog(s), that these will be treated as deemed best by the staff of BarkAvenue within their sole discretion, and that you assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses involved. If your dog(s) become(s) ill or injured, or is suspected to be ill or injured, or if for any other reason veterinary care is indicated, you authorize BarkAvenue to seek and provide veterinary care from my designated veterinarian or a veterinarian of their choice. If your dog’s condition is emergent, you understand BarkAvenue will seek care at the closest veterinarian location. During your absence, BarkAvenue will be caring for your dog. In the event of an emergency, you authorize the release of all medical records pertaining to the medical needs of your dog(s) to BarkAvenue Inc. and all subsidiaries. You give representatives of BarkAvenue authorization to communicate with said veterinarian regarding, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of your dog(s). 

  9. In the rare and unfortunate event: that your dog becomes deceased while in BarkAvenue’s care, your dog will be taken to my designated veterinarian and maintained for pick-up or further instruction. If an autopsy is performed, you give permission for the veterinarian to release any and all findings to BarkAvenue and all subsidiaries. 

  10. Liability Release: BarkAvenue and their team will not be liable for any health or behavioral problems that develop in your dog(s), and you hereby release them of any and all liabilities of any kind whatsoever arising from your dog(s) attendance and participation at BarkAvenue. You are solely responsible for any harm, including to any other dog(s), to the employees or invitees of BarkAvenue, or to the equipment, physical plant, or other property of BarkAvenue, caused by your dog(s) while your dog(s) is/are attending BarkAvenue.

By choosing Bark Avenue for your dog's boarding needs, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions and relieve BarkAvenue Inc. of all liabilities. We at BarkAvenue genuinely care about the well-being of your pets and will do our utmost to ensure their safety and comfort during their stay.

Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your furry friends.

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